In my previous post I state that there are other emotional options besides jealousy when faced with infidelity.  Candy, the contributor of several insightful comments here, revealed to me through email that she too has experienced something besides jealousy in a situation where most would feel it.  I received her consent to publish her words here … Continue Reading »


What follows is Step One: Recognize Cause and Effect (the equivalent of Chapter One) from the book, with a little bit of reflection added. Continue Reading »

The brain has not biologically evolved in the last 100,000 years.  Nature has apparently decided that no further advantage exists for increasing brain size.  I agree — biological evolution is no longer relevant to a species that has achieved the ability to reason.   Continue Reading »

Everyone’s experience of all human emotions is the same: happiness, sadness, anger, etc, but jealousy feels different in each person.  Some common emotions resulting from jealousy are hate, sadness, anger, or any combination of these and other emotions. Continue Reading »